Filemaker Database

tennis-data2We provide a custom Filemaker Database for you to import your data into. This will enable you to view Accounts, Members and Transactions. You will then be able to track data, export various reports as Excel or PDF, and email PDF receipts to clients from your desktop. This approach let’s you share only the data needed with various departments, and allows for historical comparisons so that you can see how your club is trending over the years.

The main page let’s you see your club at a glance, and within each account a quick view of members.

The main portal can also show you that accounts transactions.

The transaction page shows in detail all transactions. You can filter these results for any reports, and export data for treasury and instruction departments.

The Membership page allows you to view all your members on 1 page. Again you can search and filter results, allowing for detailed data.

Among other views you can keep track of overall income, and drill down deeper into each category if required.